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The Car PicksStop for a moment and think about how big of a role cars play in our lives. No matter if you drive 30 minutes or 3 hours a day, the truth is – your life is easier, and everything is more convenient thanks to accessible transportation.

At The Car Picks, we believe that everyone needs to acquire a particular set of skills when it comes to driving, fixing, and diagnosing problems with your car. To an extent, the vehicle you use as a daily driver (pun intended) is kind of like a second home. You spend a lot of time in it, so why not make it as comfortable and safe as possible?

We want to invite you to dig into our vast library of knowledge, all in search of a better understanding of your motorized friend. We love cars, no other way to say it. We love finding new ways to make driving better, faster, and above all, safer. There are many ways to achieve all these goals, as you will see as you slowly go through our guides. For simplicity’s sake, we divided the topics into the following groups, with no particular order:

  • Cleaning
  • Lighting
  • Fluids & Oils
  • Tire World
  • Equipment & Tools
  • Accessories

Moreover, we are always expanding our views, and we’re trying to contribute with newly-acquired and tested knowledge. There is a lot to go through, so do not strain yourself with all of this right away. Take your time and start from everyday stuff until you get around a new piece of tech that you didn’t even know it existed. We have an unwritten rule at The Car Picks – we insist on making our guides palatable both for newbies and pros.

Let’s dive right into it!


CleaningIf you hear someone saying that car aesthetics do not matter, well, the chances are that they are lying. As with everything else in life, we also like our car to look pretty whenever possible. Again, the beauty can come both from the inside and out, and that applies to vehicles without exception.

When it comes to the internal cleanliness of your car, you can start by reading our car upholstery cleaner reviews. With this type of cleaner, everyone gets to enjoy rides in your vehicle. You know what they say about personal hygiene and personality – the same applies to car cleanliness. The best thing is, after the first session with his cleaner, every next time it gets easier. The other thing to consider is our engine degreaser reviews. If you ever popped up the hood, you know what we are talking about. Degreasers are an easy way to keep parts under the hood nice and clean without having to disassemble a single thing.

Now, if we want to talk about the outer beauty and shine of a car, there are a couple of things you can do. Firstly, we strongly recommend checking our pressure washer for car reviews to help you out with sturdy stains. If you want to take it up a notch, consider checking our car wash soap reviews as well, just to amplify the effect. Get that dirt and mud out of the way, wait for the vehicle to dry out, and approach the final step towards automotive beauty – paint sealing and waxing. If you value protection over looks, always start with a coat or two of car paint sealant. It will protect the shell from all sorts of damages. And, in the end, if you wish to finish with style, our car wax reviews is the way to go!

Now that the car is nice and shiny let’s hop over to the other visual aspect that has much more to do with road safety and interaction with the other drivers out there.


LightingNowadays, most countries require you to have headlights turned on throughout the whole day, or at least the bigger part of it. As you might already know, science and technology have advanced a lot when it comes to lighting and backlighting. The same goes for vehicle headlights.

With the improvement of LED technology, one of the best picks on today’s market is none other than the top-rated LED headlights. It turns out that they not only provide the biggest illumination range, but they do it with the least amount of electricity. Of course, if you own an older vehicle or you are a fan of old school lighting, you can go down the halogen headlight bulb reviews route. Lastly, another type of illumination is getting into the mainstream – the best HID headlights. These bulbs are utilizing xenon to get insanely high results.

One of the most critical things on the road is actually to see it and to see other traffic participants. Not to mention that these new lighting systems look way better with the blue and white lights spectrums.

Fluids & Oils

There is no talk about cars and engines without mentioning all sorts of fluids. You can check the importance of various fluids right now – go open up the hood and count how many different liquid containers there are. More than you expected, right? Even though some liquids are considered more and some less important, we think that it is just a matter of order. Having a fresh batch of the best octane boosters is excellent for performance, but it all goes to waste if the glass on your car is dirty and blocks your vision. That is why peripheral fluids, like the best windshield washer fluids, play an important role as well.

Fluids & OilsAnother thing not to forget when it comes to gasoline quality is the best fuel stabilizers. They will get the best out of the gasoline you already have, with some even helping with internal engine cleaning. Not to mention the ability to store gas for years. But, if you want to get down to the dirtiest jobs, our fuel injector cleaner reviews are the way to go. They can boost the car’s performance and keep the engine block healthier.

Because proper braking is as important as going fast, you might want to look into some brake fluid reviews and see how to make the best out of your vehicle’s braking system. Lastly, having the engine operate well under all sorts of weather conditions is paramount, and antifreeze is there to help. Do not let the name fool you. Antifreeze helps with keeping the engine cool, as well.

If you do decide to take on at least some of these responsible tasks into your own hands, we insist that you approach it cautiously. One of the best things you can do, besides having protective gear, is to coat the floor of your garage with the help of our garage floor paint reviews. Almost every liquid we mention in this section can be corrosive or harmful in some way, so why risk permanent floor damages? Not only will garage floor paints protect the floor from liquids, but they will play a protective role in guarding it against tires as well. Speaking of tires…

Tire World

The invention of the wheel thousands of years ago made vehicles possible. We’ve come a long way since wooden wheels and horse carriages – we invented vulcanized rubber, aka tires. We learned to treat rubber and bend it to our will, making our vehicles adapt to all sorts of terrains, loads, and speeds.

Tire WorldComing on as the most popular, and definitely most practical is the best all-season tires. These tires are designed for regular drivers – they can handle the summer heat and can also prove a worthy ally in some snow. However, because all-season tires are not almighty in freezing temperatures, we recommend considering our tire chain reviews as a part of your trunk toolbox. If you live in an area that has sudden snowstorms or gets heavy snowfall over the winter months, tire chains will save you a lot.

On the other hand, people that have bigger vehicles, like ATVs and SUVs, prefer to have tires that can conquer different terrains and not only harsh weather. We are, of course, talking about the best all-terrain tires. They can go off-road and handle any amount of snow or rain with ease, with the downside of wearing off faster on highways.

Tire’s performance can depend on other factors, not just the type and the thickness of the rubber itself. To prolong the tire’s lifetime, and to make sure it delivers excellent results, you can get check our tire shine reviews. Even though it sounds like a purely visual thing, applying tire shine brings the looks and the protections to the rubber. Another deciding factor of tire’s performance and longevity is correct tire pressure, which you can ensure with reading our tire inflator reviews. They are usually portable enough to not take up much room in the trunk.

Car tires, no matter what type, are closely connected to the braking system. Behind every wheel, there is a pair of brake pads that waste away every time you brake. Stopping power is as important as acceleration, so do not miss out and take care of your car’s brake pads adequately.

Equipment & Tools

Every experienced driver out there will tell you that your driving skills are only as good as your prowess around car tools and equipment. In this day and age, modern technology enabled us to do a lot in the comfort of your garage. If you really want to dig in, we suggest you start with electronics first.

Equipment & ToolsTo help you get a better overall insight into the engine and electronics, a top-rated OBD2 scanner is a great kickoff point.  It can tell you whether the best oil filter is installed correctly or not, remotely. Of course, if you want to get the best out of your phone as well, you can get a top-rated OBD2 Bluetooth adapter. The adapter enables you to check on over a thousand standard codes using a smartphone. You can, for example, test out the ignition sequence that utilizes the car battery and your car’s top-rated spark plugs. Preventing damage due to faulty spark plugs is paramount, so better get testing.

If getting your hands dirty is what excites you, you should maybe consider reading our multimeter reviews. A reliable multimeter will be your best ally, not only in diagnostics but in using and installing all sorts of gear. When it comes to electricity, an essential part of every car toolbox is the best jumper cables. We have all been in that situation when the car just won’t start, and jumper cables fix that with the help of another working car.

If you want to get the maximum out of your car battery and electric system, you can check our car power inverter reviews. This miraculous device will allow you to charge devices and use household appliances utilizing the car battery and alternator synergy.

There are people out there that consider themselves amateur mechanics and DIYers. These vehicle enthusiasts need reliable gear to help them tune up their vehicles. If you recognized yourself in the previous two sentences, you are the right person to check our floor jack reviews. This mechanical device gives you a way to elevate the car and have a better understanding of what’s going on below.

And, if by any chance you want to work on the car’s body, besides regular cleaning, there are options. The best car buffers and the best dent pullers are designed to help you return the car’s shell to its glory. You can even power the buffer through a car power inverter.


So far, we’ve talked about general things regarding car cleanliness, diagnostics, repairs, etc. Now, it is time to talk about how to customize your car and how to take care of it. Both actions will result in more comfortable rides for you and your passengers. And, let us not forget about safety from intruders.

AccessoriesThe best way to ensure that no one manages to break in is, of course, the best car alarms. They are getting better by the day, and the installation process is not as complicated as it used to be. And, if by any chance this security measure fails, you can rely on our steering wheel lock reviews to repel the perps away. Moreover, if you worry that close encounters with other vehicles will scratch or damage the shell, protect it with the best bumper guard.

If you intend to park the car for longer than usual, there are natural solutions like – covering it with the help of our car cover reviews. Having weather issues is quite common, with the main culprit being the Sun. Challenge the warmth by checking some windshield sun shade reviews and lower the inner temperature while the car is parked. If you want to have more constant protection from harmful UV rays, the best window tints is the way to go. Just remember to follow your state’s regulations regarding window tint. Another often forgotten part of the vehicle that also needs protection, both from the Sun and physical harm, is the steering wheel. You can freshen up your car interior and at the same time protect the steering wheel by dressing it up in the top-rated steering wheel covers.

Speaking of glass and transparency, we talked about headlight and different bulbs, but we didn’t talk about cleaning the lights. Be careful not to do it with conventional methods and cause permanent damages. Instead, use a top-rated headlight restoration kit with its different levels of approach.

Finally, getting to organize the little space you get with cars is key to using the car’s potential. For people on the road, we recommend our hitch cargo carrier reviews as a great way to carry a lot of things along. And if you are worried about losing gadgets, keys, and wallets inside your car, utilize the simple, yet convenient power of our backseat organizer reviews. No more mess around the car! Top it off with a fresh scent from the best car air fresheners, and you are good to go!

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Cars are incredibly complicated machines that play an essential role in our lives. Going to work or school. Traveling around the country or going off-road for some excitement. Everything relies on the wellbeing of your vehicle. No one was born with the knowledge on how to properly deal with the million issues you encounter on the way, but everyone can learn. So, what are you waiting for?

Show your car some love by treating it with respect and by learning about it with every mile you leave behind.

Drive safe, and enjoy your visit!